Sustainability Policy

We strive to integrate the sustainability aspect into our range of products and services. We pursue sustainability from a holistic perspective, by demanding sustainability of our partners and working actively to influence our customers’ commitment to sustainability.

Among others our efforts include:

• We manage resources and use renewables and natural resources in our production and administration as much as possible

• We work to ensure that our suppliers, contracted facilities, catering, etc supplies sustainable products

• Saving energy and only use renewable energy sources when possible

• Climate-compensate our own business trips by air by investing corresponding emission costs in sustainability improvement measures within the business

• Strive to achieve a long-term sustainable level of resource consumption, transport and emissions to air and water

• Work preventively with continuous improvement as our goal and follow applicable laws in the field of sustainability

• Systematically work with diversity, gender equality and accessibility issues

• Constantly strive to run our business, purchases and procurement so that they contribute to the sustainable development of both local and global society

• Communicate our sustainability work in a way that increases commitment and the knowledge of our own employees, customers and suppliers

• Offer an environment that promotes the well-being of our employees and guests

• We strive to have sufficient competence to be able to propose sustainable solutions in the areas where our services are in demand.